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Program Overview

We understand that your journey to recovery is unique, and that is why we offer treatment designed just for you.

Your time here at New Life can include individual, group and family sessions. We offer drug and alcohol, as well as lifestyle development education and keep help you find your place in the recovery community outside of New Life. In short, we equip you with the tools and resources needed to function in the real world and stay in recovery for a life-time. We're here not just to help you graduate, but to thrive for life.

We should warn you - the program at New Life is not for the faint of heart—it requires dedication and hard work. We believe recovery is worth it. And, graduating New Life is just the beginning so after graduation we are still there for you with aftercare support. Come join the recovery family!

What You Can Expect

  • Caring support from the first day of treatment
  •  Growth in every part of your life
  • Multi-cultural support
  • An opportunity to work and build your career while receiving treatment
  • Professional, experienced, and compassionate staff
  • Sharing the journey of recovery with others
  • Faith-based support for those who choose it

Employment Support

Our program goes beyond traditional treatment by offering vocational and educational support while you put your life back together. We have staff dedicated to helping you find and maintain employment, or participate in community service, or even pursue educational opportunities. You will be busy!

Therapy Services

With a focus on healing, our program provides a range of counseling services, including individual, group, and family sessions. Our experienced, licensed therapists guide you through the process, offering compassionate support and empowering you to navigate the complexities of addiction recovery.

Comprehensive Approach

We believe in addressing the root causes of addiction and fostering overall well-being. Our approach includes toxicology screening and monitoring, as well as aftercare support, ensuring a comprehensive and sustained recovery process. By the way, families play an important part in healing from addiction, which is why we welcome children and adolescents to live on-site with their parents at no extra cost.

Reflections From Past Clients

  • A Second Chance at Life
    "New life community services changed my life. I was desperate to get sober when I arrived there, and with the structure and support of the program and the counselors I have two years of sobriety. I truly believe that I would not be where I am now without the help of New Life Community services. Thank you for giving me a second chance at life."

    - Former Client
  • Poem – Graduate of New Life
    One. A person with no hope, a sheep gone a stray, with words left unspoke, and fears every day. 

    Two. Hands that would shake, and eyes blind to see, my life was at stake, my soul cold as could be. 

    Three. Mess ups I had and I won't forget, the prayer of the Lord whom I almost met. 

    Four reasons to start, so my world would not end, for God holds my heart, and its starting to mend. 

    Five. People who told me to get off the ground, my family, the staff, my sponor, my God whom I've found. Me.

    Six months of this program, six months of growth, and who would have thoughtthat these were the words that I've spoke. 

    Com sinners and masses, your story's not done, for each day is a blessing and it starts at day one. 

    As I stand here before you, I ask you is it worth the strife? Or are you willing to give up and start your new life? 
    - Former Client
  • A Safe Place to Heal
    "New Life Community Services changed my life. I was lost in my addiction with a pattern of bad relationships, I was an absent parent. New Life provided me with everything I needed to grow and learn, a safe place to heal. I remember how grateful I was to have my bed and dresser. I will never forget the times in early recovery the caring staff members, the groups, the meetings, the help I received was life changing. Today I have healthy relations with my family, I have a place of my own, I went back to school and I have a new career in the helping field. A true miracle."

    – Former Client, 7 1/2 years sober
  • My Sixth Residential Drug Program
    “I am 41 years old and I’ve been trying to get clean for about ten years. This is my sixth residential drug program. I’ve made more progress in 4 months at New Life Community Services than any other program. The staff and clients have been very helpful in my recovery. There is a lot of love support and recovery here at New Life, and I like the nonthreatening family atmosphere. I am very grateful to New Life for all the good things that are happening to me today. ”

    – Former Client
  • Single Dad

    “New Life has been instrumental in saving my life from drug addiction. I have learned a new way of life in recovery. Not only did New Life help me, they also took in my son. Being a single dad, this is the only place I could find in California that will take in fathers with children for treatment. I am very grateful to New Life for helping me and my son.”

    – Former Client

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What does a typical day look like?

Beginning in the morning, the day will be spent at work (if employed) or looking for employment, enrolling in or attending school, and/ or engaging in volunteer service in the community. All clients must engage in at least one of these activities while at New Life.

New Life Programming groups and classes typically starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 9:00 PM. Each client has at least one chore to complete each day.

Does New Life provide meals?

Yes, New Life provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also provide food storage lockers for any snacks you might wish to bring with you.

Will I be able to contact or visit my loved one while they are in your program?

Yes, our clients have access to their cell phones. If a client does not have a cell phone, our staff can help assist them in obtaining one. New Life does have a house phone that clients are able to use and clients are able to receive mail.

After completing the 2–3–week orientation period, clients can have visitors during regular business hours. Visitors must follow visitation rules which include not being under the influence, check-in with the front desk, and not be disruptive to other clients.

Are clients allowed to leave the facility?

Yes, once your orientation period is complete and all requirements are met (approximately 2-3 weeks), you can leave the facility for appropriate activities. There are specific hours that clients must be on-site. All clients must return to the facility for groups and abide by all curfew times.

Does New Life assist in finding employment or enrolling in school?

Yes. New Life’s Care Coordinator is available to help assist clients in finding employment and/or enrolling in school. The care coordinator can help with resume assistance, interview practice, class registration, etc.

I am currently receiving MAT services, am I allowed to continue that in your program?

Yes, New Life works closely with the MAT providers in our county. We can help with transportation for MAT appointments as well.

I am on medications for my mental health, am I allowed to take those at New Life?

Yes, you are expected to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. You will need to disclose all medication you are prescribed at the screening portion of intake.

My loved one is currently incarcerated. How can I help them get into treatment?

You are welcome to call our intake staff on behalf of your loved one to review their specific circumstances. New Life can accept calls from jail and prison, so they are able to call the direct line of an intake staff member. If the individual is unable to make calls, they can write a letter to intake staff.

I am a professional working with a client that needs to be referred for residential treatment. How do I refer someone?

You can call in intake department or send the referral via email. Someone from our intake staff with contact you prior to reaching out to the client.

What type of program is New Life?

New Life is a residential addiction treatment program, serving adults and families seeking help with substance use disorders. Men and women over 18 may stay in our program up to 6 months, and those with children may have their children stay with them free of charge. In addition to participating in New Life’s programming each evening and on weekends, clients are expected to engage in work, school, and/ or community services while in treatment.

What kind of classes and groups does New Life offer?

New Life is a residential addiction treatment program, serving adults and families seeking help with substance use disorders. Men and women over 18 may stay in our program up to 6 months, and those with children may have their children stay with them free of charge. In addition to participating in New Life’s programming each evening and on weekends, clients are expected to engage in work, school, and/ or community services while in treatment.

My loved one has been through a lot; will they receive counseling?

All our clients are assigned an individual counselor or clinician they meet weekly. Clients also participate in therapeutic groups.

What does being faith-based mean?

New Life believes in treating the whole person, including an individual’s spiritual connection. We require all clients to participate in a weekly, approved, spiritual growth activity of their choosing and in the 12-step recovery groups.

How long is your program?

We are a six-month program.

Will I be sharing a room with other individuals?

Yes. Our rooms sizes range from 4-9 individuals, the majority of which are bunk beds. There are shared community rooms and outdoor space.

What type of insurance do you accept?

We accept Medi-Cal that is active in Santa Cruz County. We do not accept state Medi-Cal or Medi-Care.

My Medi-Cal is in a different county, what do I do?

Our intake staff is happy to speak with you about your specific situation and see if there are other funding options available for you. If Medi-Cal is your only option, suggest calling the social service office in the county where your Medi-Cal is active and inquiring about what treatment centers are available to you in your area.

What if I don't have insurance?

New Life has a private pay option. We work on a sliding scale that is based off your employment. There is a flat fee that is due at the time of intake that covers your first three weeks of treatment.

Do you provide medical treatment?

We do not have medical staff on-site. We refer all clients to outside resources for medical appointments and we can provide transportation to those appointments.
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