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What is Aftercare?

New Life's Aftercare Program provides vital support to individuals transitioning from our residential program to independent living and long-term recovery. This program allows graduates to continue benefiting from classes, group sessions, and personalized counseling tailored to their ongoing needs, ensuring sustained progress.

Our experienced team offers continuous guidance, fostering a stable and supportive environment as participants navigate the challenges of independent living. We emphasize long-term recovery by offering resources and support, including coping strategies, relapse prevention, and emotional support, to keep individuals on the path to lasting recovery. 

Supporting Transition From Residential Treatment For:

· Productive participation in society
· Maintaining long-term recovery
· Completing unfulfilled long-term treatment goals
· Finding a stable and supportive community
· Continued personal growth
· Meeting individual and family counseling needs
· Individual needs
· Family integration and health

Flexible Participation Options

The program allows individuals to choose the specific types of support they need, whether it’s group counseling, private therapy, or continuing education classes. This flexibility ensures that each person can tailor their aftercare experience to best support their recovery journey.

Affordable Access

New Life offers a range of services on a sliding scale, making aftercare accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. Some services are even provided for free, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to receiving essential support.

Family Involvement

Recognizing the importance of a strong support system, the Aftercare Program includes opportunities for family involvement. This includes counseling and educational sessions for loved ones, helping to build a supportive network that is crucial for long-term recovery success.


What is Aftercare?

NLCS provides Aftercare services to individuals who have been enrolled in our residential treatment program and are seeking extended support as they transition into independent living and long-term recovery. Aftercare may include attending classes, groups, counseling sessions, and case management support.

Who can participate in Aftercare?

Aftercare is only available to individuals who have been enrolled in New Life’s residential treatment program.

What services are provided?

Services may include classes, groups, counseling, and case management support. Services are provided “a la carte”, and we work closely with clients to customize a schedule to meet the individual’s needs and preferences.

How much does it cost?

Aftercare services are provided on a sliding scale, according to income. Some Aftercare groups are provided free of charge. Please contact Intake for more information.

How do I enroll in Aftercare?

Interested individuals may contact our Intake to receive more information and enroll in Aftercare. Intake can be reached at: 831-440-3037 or Email [email protected]

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