Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment
Santa Cruz

45 Years Promoting Lifetime Recovery

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Experienced Staff
Experienced Staff
Pursing lifelong recovery beyond treatment and graduation
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Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)

This agency is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Celebrating 50 years providing…

Compassionate, Professional Support for Individuals and Families Struggling with Addiction


A project supported by our partner,

Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County. 

Looking for Help?

Find quality treatment designed just for you in Santa Cruz, CA – only three blocks from California’s beautiful Monterey Bay

New Life

• Over 50 years of helping people in need
• A welcoming and supportive faith-based environment
• Skilled counselors and clinicians who understand the struggle of addiction and provide therapeutic support
• Licensed by the State of California Health Care Services
• Programming designed to accommodate your employment schedule

Treatment for Addiction

Thousands of clients have discovered the gift of addiction recovery here at New Life. We offer a variety of group work, counseling, specialized treatments and educational classes. Beginning with your first assessment session, you and your counselor will chart a carefully thought-out treatment plan to help you meet the most important goals in your life.

Who We Are

Licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services  License # 440010AN      As a private, faith-based, non-profit treatment program, we are committed to helping individuals and families from every faith and lifestyle background. It is our goal to help anyone who wants to make the most of their life.

Perhaps you have wondered about the best possible place to start over after struggling with addiction? If you want a life-changing experience, our team of caring, experienced staff is ready to make an investment in you!

"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" - Mark 8:36

"The program gave me the opportunity to find recovery - With support from the staff and the classes at New Life, God changed the course of my life"

"The length of the program was designed to give me the long-term support I needed - I loved my counselor"

"The outpatient services were great, allowing me to work in the community and get the treatment I needed"

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